How many contact blocks can fit on the ZB5 or ZB4 operators?



What is the maximum number of contact blocks you can stack at the back of an XB4/XB5 operators?

Product Line:
22mm Push Buttons

ZB4/ ZB5 Harmony Push Button

Determine the maximum number of contact blocks for an application.      
9 contacts (3 side by side 3 rows deep) can mount behind standard non-illuminated buttons;
6 behind selector switches, non-illuminated, illuminated push buttons, and non-illuminated push pull and turn to release mushroom buttons;
4 behind illuminated push pull mushroom buttons,  illuminated selector switches and non-illuminated trigger action mushroom buttons;
3 behind non-illuminated push on push off buttons, and;
2 behind illuminated push on push off buttons.

The contact blocks enable variable composition of body sub-assemblies and can be stacked to 3 rows, either: 3 rows of 3 single
contacts or 1 row of 3 double contacts + 1 row of 3 single contacts (double contact blocks occupy 2 rows).