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What is part number for a potentiometer for the 22mm potentiometer operators?



Separate part number for 22mm Potentiometer.

Product Line:
Harmony Push Button

Harmony 22mm

Potentiometers are customer supplied.
They can be purchased at an electronics supply house. The operators are for potentiometers with a standard shaft length of 44 to 50 mm, and for the ZB4BD912 a shaft diameter of 6mm and for the ZB4BD922 a shaft diameter of 6.35mm.

Another option is to get the complete assembly (Operator + Potentiometer) Please see below for products part numbers.

+/- 10% linear mode precision complete potentiometer with screw terminals.

Resistance (k Ohms) Weight Catalog Number
1 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R1K
4.7 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R4K7
10 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R10K
47 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R47K
100 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R100K
470 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R470K



Resistance (k Ohms) Weight Catalog Number
1 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R1K
4.7 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R4K7
10 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R10K
47 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R47K
100 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R100K
470 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R470K