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What does the Counters 22, 2C, 2E, 2F depict in FIPIO Communication.



Counter 2Eh (Number of Pierced Frame Fault): 

This counter allows diagnoses of the receipt of a silent inside a frame i.e. between the identification of the frame beginning and the frame ending. This counter can increment either if cable is failed (physical layer) or with a dysfunction of a station.
Counter 22h (Hyper Current fault):
This fault counter increments if short-circuit is detected or more than two terminal links (ACC7) are connected.
Counter 2Ch (Frame Check Sequence Fault) & Counter 2Fh (Coding Fault):
These fault counters increments when there is an issue of EMC.
The probable reasons for the fault to occur are:
1 Wiring problem.
2 Too many devices on one segment.
3 Segment too long.
4 Grounding is bad.
To check this network, TSXFPACC9 module can be used.