With an Econo-flex® drive, when adding the 0-10 Vdc to 4-20 mAdc Converter Kit 31158-297-50, how should it be connected?



Place the kit into the control terminals on the control board so that the +24 terminal on the kit connects to the +24 terminal in the control board. (On drives with control board versions 5.1 and greater, this will cause the AO1 connection to be empty.)
The wires that were on the terminal strip should be placed into the same positions with the exception of the wire that was in AI2. This wire can be left disconnected and placed in a condition that will not cause it to accidentally touch any metal parts or terminals.
Connect the 0-10 VDC control signal to AI2A and AI2B with AI2A as the positive terminal and AI2B as the negative terminal.