How does a cradle mounted Masterpact NW breaker report it's position in the cradle? (Connected, Test, or Disconnected)



How is the cradle position indicated for NW breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NW

Cradle position is monitored mechanically and specific blocks on the top rail can be fitted with actuator mechanisms to indicate the 3 different states.
The cradle comes standard with 3 each of the following;
CD - indicates the disconnected position. This position is indicated when the required clearance for isolation of the power and auxiliary circuits is reached.
CE - indicates the connected position.
CT - indicates the test position. In this position, the power circuits are disconnected and the auxiliary circuits are connected.
Specific contact blocks must be used in these positions, S33170 (push in type) or S48929 (ring terminal type).
Instructions for adding/replacing here.

These are the possible combinations available to provide cradle position status;
Replacement part number of the actuators included with the cradle is S48560.
Instructions here.

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