Will my existing schedules and timers in Bluetooth/BLE devices get transferred over to the Wiser by SE app?


01 January 0001

Schedules created in the Wiser Room app will be stored in the device. Once user moves to Wiser by SE app and commissions the device, Wiser by SE app will read the schedules from the device and present them in the app. User can also create new schedules or edit the existing schedules from the Wiser by SE app.

Timer settings created within the Wiser Room app will also automatically transfer if continuing to operate devices using BLE. If converting to Zigbee mode and pairing to a Wiser Hub, the timer settings from the Wiser Room app will need to be re-created as an Automation function.

Note: It is strongly recommended to perform a factory reset on mechanisms before swapping them from Bluetooth to Zigbee.