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You’ve heard the term wellness – but do you really know the impact your home has on your wellbeing?

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What is wellness?

It’s the active process of making daily healthy lifestyle choices – which lead to long-term healthy habits – to create a physically, mentally, and socially healthy and fulfilling life. It’s about more than just being illness-free:it’s about thriving, not surviving.

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Why is your home connected to wellness?

The environment around you, particularly your home, deeply impacts your mental and emotional wellbeing. We all need to actively create spaces that stimulate, soothe or energise our senses in our desired way. Depending on which area of your home, the desired outcome changes – it could be productivity, relaxation or connection.

By creating spaces that inspire healthy habits and promote wellbeing, you’ll have a home that’s built on the value of wellness.

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How do you give your home a wellness makeover?

It’s easier than you think! We’ve found three key wellness areas that simple changes can have a big impact on when it comes to peace of mind, mood and stress.

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Safety Lit

Invest in Good Lighting

Light affects our health significantly. As living beings, we need a healthy amount of exposure to light, while ensuring we don’t overexpose ourselves – that’s why blue light is important.

Blue light is present in a number of light sources, like sunlight, light emitting from electronic devices and artificial light. An appropriate amount of blue light is needed for good health – it boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function, as well as elevating mood.

By making smart light choices in your home, you can have a direct impact on your wellbeing.

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