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Save On Energy Bills

Reduce your energy use with these helpful tips.

For many of us, this year has been hard on the purse strings – but the bills keep coming and they don’t stop coming. So make sure you’re implementing simple measures to ensure that you’re being as energy – and financially – efficient as possible.

These energy-saving tips will reduce your energy bill, keep a few more dollars in your pocket and help you do your part for the environment. (Win, win, win.)

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2. Schedule your summer electrical needs

With the hot summer weather comes specific electrical needs – the biggest being air conditioning and running your pool pump.

Reduce the energy use by scheduling and setting timers so that you don’t have them working when you don’t need them – or worse, accidentally left on or running when no one is there to use it.

An easy way to do this is with our Wiser Iconic Connected sockets and switches, controlled by the free Wiser Room app. Once an electrician installs these Connected sockets or switches in your home, they can then pair to the app on your smartphone or tablet. From here, you’re in the driver’s seat, ready to create daily schedules or timers for these electricals to turn on/off.

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3. Monitor your energy usage

Energy takes up a large portion of every household budget – and tracking its usage is tricky. Our Energy Management solution by Wiser is a smart, connected option if you want more visibility.

The app displays your home’s energy use in real time to help you keep track of what you’re using. By regularly monitoring, you can make adjustments to reduce your energy usage throughout the month to help save on your ongoing energy bills.

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4. Stop paying for standby power

Do you know you’re paying for power when your devices are in ‘standby mode’? Appliances left on standby mode are using electricity, meaning you’re essentially paying for it in times that you aren’t using (or even thinking about) them.

Be sure to always switch off all appliances whenever you’re not using them.

Our Wiser Room app can help. Using Bluetooth, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to enabled timers, time clocks and electric switches – making it so simple and easy to switch off your appliances that you don’t even have to get off th couch!

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6. Consider your options

If you find that every summer your air conditioner is sending your energy bill through the roof, consider installing ceiling fans. While there is an upfront cost, long-term they use less energy and can help reduce your electricity bill.

Same goes for any other large electrical device or appliance – is there another option that can help you save energy and reduce your electricity bill?

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