5 Simple Tweaks

without demoting your bank balance!

Our homes have become multi-purpose in 2020 –  becoming our offices, our kid’s classroom, our restaurants, our movie theatres. A few simple tweaks is all you need – it won’t break the bank, but it will leave your home feeling fresh and with you written all over it.

Clipsal Saturn Zen Switch on Wall

1. Love it to the Saturn Zen and back

Switch it up and personalise your light switches. Saturn Zen is super chic and bespoke details that will elevate your home. (As we know, the devil is in the detail – and the devil wears high-end.)

You can customise these modern light switches with:

  • pictograms icons – cute graphics that show you which light switch is for which
  • subtle blue LED indicators – when you touch the switch, the blue light comes on and you’ll know exactly which switch is in operation
  • USB outlets with smart shelf to hold your smartphone or tablet
Mum telling story to daughter

2. After my own Art

We all took up new hobbies during quarantine (some even more productive than Netflix!).

If quarantine had you and the family trying out your own artistic ability, or if you have stacks of your family's art but don’t have the heart to recycle them, why not frame them? You can hang them on the wall and enjoy your family’s creations.

Get the kids to pick their favourite to display. Who knows? You might be housing the next Jackson Pollock without even realising. (And you’ll feel less guilty about recycling the others.)

Clipsal Iconic Essence wall Switch Living Room

3. Plant the town green

#PlantMums and #FurMums are taking over Instagram – and while we support our canine friends, a plant is easier to care for and freshens up a room.

If you’re thinking “but I always kill them!” then not to worry! Plants have cottoned on that we’re not always the best at keeping them alive. Plus there are easy-care, indoor varieties.

Our favourites:

  • ficus elastica (most common ‘rubber plant’),
  • ficus lyrata (commonly known as ‘fiddle-leaf fig’),
  • peperomia obtusifolia (commonly known as ‘baby rubberplant’).
Glass behind Kitchen

4. Reach new lights

Lights can completely change a room – updating the lights in your main living space can make the room feel brand new. LED downlights have three colour levels so you can choose based on the colour and what suits the room 'type'.

For example, cool white is often selected for 'task lighting' areas like kitchens and laundries, while warm white lights are ideal for living areas and bedrooms.

Did you know that you can get LED downlights with different coloured trims. No longer is white your only choice. There are silver and black trims so you can make your lighting part of the room’s style.

Another great option is to consider different locations for your downlights such as in overhanging cupboards to provide task lighting for kitchens and laundries.

Why not update your switches to match the same look and feel while you’re at it!

Clipsal Iconic Switch Grid

5. Get skin-fluenced

Don’t spend money on everything in your home and forget the one element you use every single day: your light switches.

Our Iconic range offers a wide variety of switch skins so that you can personalise your switches to feel like you:

  • Iconic standard – clean and simple to blend in or stand out
  • Styl – for that industrial and modern metallic look
  • Essence – that beautiful birch timber trim!

The best bit? You’re not locked in with a skin, as they simply clip on and off! Meaning they’re great for longevity as your style changes over time. Plus if you’re not sure which look to go for, you can get both and change it based on your mood! Talk about mood lighting.

Discover which style suits you