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Safer Home Tips

Ensure you’re keeping your home and loved ones safe.

You can’t put a price on safety

These days we’re home more than ever. So it's important to ensure your family is kept healthy and safe. Here’s how to ensure you’re protecting your loved ones and your home:

Smoke alarm front view
Woman changing smoke alarm
Person holding smoke alarm
Man changing smoke alarm
Smoke alarm in house

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Nightlight in Dark Room
Nightlight with child sleeping

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People entering house

3. Install outdoor motion sensors & timers

Wouldn’t it be great if your lights knew when you were coming home? We agree – that’s why we’ve created the Infrascan Motion Sensor. 

Infrascan Motion Sensor lights make lighting your home easier, smarter and safer. You can:

  • Schedule your lights to match your routine (e.g. automatically turn on at 6pm when you arrive home from work each night)
  • Set them to operate even if you’re not home to deter intruders 
  • Program a turn-off time to save energy 
  • Never be left in the dark again 

Remember that a well-lit home is a safe home – not to mention a welcoming home. 

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electrician at switchboard with RCBO
Switchboard with surge flatlay
AFDD flatlay

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Happy couple in their Clipsal product laden kitchen.

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