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The best way to see what Clipsal electric products can do for your home is seeing them in action at a Clipsal Powerhouse Display Centre

Product stock may vary according to location. If you're after a specific product range, please check with your chosen location before visiting.

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    Bluetooth Write software

    Bluetooth Write software

    Easy to install and use, that’s music to your ears and your customers'

    Designed to deliver great sound in all audio applications, the Clipsal StarServe range has been expanded to include Bluetooth® speakers and amplifier, allowing you to connect and control your music with ease.

    The speakers are available in two sizes:

    6.5” for larger areas such as lounge rooms; and also 4” for installation in smaller areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are flush mounted to ensure they blend seamlessly into the surroundings and are easy to install. 

    The amplifier can be added to existing speaker installations to allow Bluetooth compatibility. An affordable single-zone audio solution that will please any listener with crisp quality sound and Plug and Play Bluetooth connectivity.

    The Bluetooth Speakers/Bluetooth Amplifier ID and Passcode can be changed with the Bluetooth Write program.

    Bluetooth Write software, Windows 7 (32bit)(5771KB)

    Bluetooth Write software, Windows 7 & 8 (64bit)(5790KB)