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    What is the wire size and torque specs for C60 Multi 9 circuit breakers with lugs?

    Wire size for Multi 9

    Product Line:
    Circuit breakers

    Multi 9 MCB

    Torque and wire size is marked on the breaker, but users often want this information before they receive the product.

    Wire size and torque are as noted below.  Always confirm with markings on the circuit breaker. Only one wire can be installed per terminal. There are no replacement lug kits available for the Multi 9 breakers. The wire strip length is 14mm.

    UL 1077 Supplementary Protectors
    0.5 to 25 A: #18 to #4 AWG (1 to 25 mm^2) cables; torque 22 lb-in (2.49 Nm)
    30 to 63 A: #18 to #2 AWG (1 to 35 mm^2) cables; torque 31 lb-in (3.50 Nm)

    UL 489 240 Vac
    0.5–25 A: 14–4 AWG (2–25 mm2) Cables:  Torque to 22 lb-in. (2.48 N•m)
    30–35 A: 14–2 AWG (1–35 mm2) Cables:  Torque to 31 lb-in. (3.52 N•m)

    UL 489 Listed 480 Vac
    18–16 AWG (1–1.5 mm2), Cu Only Stranded Wire:  Torque to 7 lb-in (0.68 N•m)
    14–10 AWG (2–5 mm2), Cu Only Solid or Stranded Wire:  Torque to 14 lb-in (1.6 N•m)

    IEC Rated C60 C60N/H/L Except C60L-MA
    0.5–25 A, 18–4 AWG (1–25 mm2) Cu Only Cables:  Torque to 22 lb-in (2.5 N•m)
    30–63 A, 18–2 AWG (1–35 mm2) Cu Only Cables:  Torque to 31 lb-in (3.5 N•m)

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