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    How is Broken Wire detection configured on the BMXAMO0210, BMXAMO0410, BMXAMO0802, or BMXAMM0600 Analog I/O Module?

    Configuration of broken wire detection on the BMXAMO0210, BMXAMO0410, BMXAMO0802, or BMXAMM0600

    Product Line
    EcoStruxure Control Expert (Formally Unity Pro)

    Please take the following steps.
    This is an example for the BMXAMO0210 Analog Output module.
    1. Open EcoStruxure Control Expert / Unity Pro
    2. Add a BMXAMO0210 module into an empty slot from the PLC bus screen.
      Note: In the case of an M580 PLC, it must be added using Topological Addressing rather than automatic IODDT Variable creation.
    3. Identify and remember the Topological Address of the analog module, we will need to use this in creating the Channel Status Variable. If the Analog module was inserted into the first rack (0), in slot 1 next to the PLC's CPU module, then the topological address would be '0.1'
    4. Go to the Project Browser under Variables & FB Instances
    5. Right-click on IO Derived Variables and then select Open
    6. Double-click in an empty cell under the Name column
    7. Enter a name of the channel that you wish to use Broken-Wire detection for (for example "AMO0210_Ch0")
    8. In the same row, under "Address", type in the Topological Channel Address with the notation "%CHx.y.z"
        x is the Rack Number,
        y is the Slot Number and
        z is the Channel Number.
      So if the Analog module was inserted into the first rack (0), in slot 1 next to the PLC's CPU module, and you wish to see the status of broken-wire detection on Channel 0, then enter "%CH0.1.0".
    9. In the same row, under "Type", double-click and type "T_ANA_OUT_BMX". This IODDT Structure Type is a representation of the status values from the channel of the Analog module.
    10. Close the Data Editor to accept the changes.
    11. From the PLC bus view, double-click (or Right-click Open) the AMO module to open its screen. Here, you will see that the Channel will be named the same name as you entered in Step 7 "AMO0210_Ch0".
    12. Check the checkbox under "Wiring CTRL" to enable broken-wire detection for the channel
    13. In a Program Subroutine, assign the channel variable "AMO0210_Ch0" to a the 'CH' Input Pin of a function block instance of READ_STS
    The setup will now be complete.
    When the program is running on the PLC, the state of the BOOLEAN element AMO_0210_Ch0.ACT_WIRE_FLT will show TRUE when a broken-wire condition occurs and can be observed in an Animation Table.

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