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    How to configure RF Communication in Accutech Devices?

    To install your wireless instruments:
    1.Install and power up the base radio, set its channel, baud rate and determine the number of field units talking to the base radio.
    2.Turn on the field units and configure their RF parameters to match the RF parameters in the base radio.
    3.Set up a communication link to the base radio and configure the field units from your PC.

    To set the RF Channel

    1.Determine the channel that you want to use.
    The choice for the RF Channel is arbitrary as long as it is not the same as any other nearby base radio.

    2.Follow the Base Radio Menu Map to configure the RF Channel.

    RF Baud Rate (BAUD RT)

    A faster RF Baud Rate allows you to transmit more information in a given period of time, but it also limits the range for the field units. If you are using a 2.4 GHz radio, you can select a baud rate that provides the right compromise between speed and range for your application. Each field unit needs to be configured to this baud rate to communicate with the base radio.

    To set the RF Baud Rate for a 2.4 GHz radio

    1.Determine the Baud Rate that you want to use.

    2.Follow the Base Radio Menu map to configure the Baud Rate.

    915 MHz Baud Rate


    The fastest field unit transmit rate for the 76.8K RF Baud Rate selection is 1 second.

    2.4 GHz Baud Rates


    The fastest field unit transmit rate for the 50K RF Baud Rate selection is 2 seconds.


    The fastest field unit transmit rate for the 100K RF Baud Rate selection is 1 second.


    Each field unit is identified by the base radio and Accutech Manager by its RF ID (Radio Frequency Identification). The HI RFID defines the highest RF ID to which the base radio will communicate. The base radio is shipped from the factory with the RF ID set to 0.

    Field units configured with a higher RF ID will not communicate with the base radio. Reducing the HI RFID reduces the communication time for reading configuration and diagnostics and writing the configuration from Accutech Manager. The HI RFID may be changed later if needed.

    To set the HI RFID

    1.Determine the highest number of field units you are likely to have in your system.
    If you will have 50 field units, your HI RFID can be anything over 50, but shouldn't be too much more than you'll need.

    2.Follow the Base Radio Menu Map to set the HI RFID to be at least as high as the highest RF ID expected to be used by a field unit.


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