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    "SE RNDIS PSX M580" doesn't show on "Network and Settings Center"

    Goals and Symptoms
    "SE RNDIS PSX M580" doesn't show on "Network and Settings Center" when the USB cable is connected to the M580

    Facts and Change

     M580, Unity Pro

    Causes and Fixes
    If you installed  Unity Pro and the PLCUSBDriver, but you aren't getting to connect with a M580 by USB cable and Windows doesn't show "SE RNDIS PSX M580" so you can follow the procedure bellow to fix it.

    1.1 Uninstall and Reinstallation of USB driver for DEVICE – Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
    1.1.1 Windows specifics
    Windows provides the command tool pnputil.exe to add or remove Driver packages in Windows Driver Store. The functionality of pnputil.exe can be seen when the tool is executed without parameters:

    All the steps related to Windows Driver Store modifications by using pnputil.exe described in the next two chapters should be performed only if uninstall and reinstallation does not work without it
    This means in a first attempt do an uninstall and reinstallation by performing the following sequence of only 2 steps:
    1. Uninstall – Step1
    2. Reinstall – Step2
    (skip Uninstall – Step2, Uninstall – Step3 and Reinstall – Step1)
    Only if the above 2 step sequence did not work then try it again by performing all steps in the sequence mentioned below:
    1. Uninstall – Step1
    2. Uninstall – Step2
    3. Uninstall – Step3
    4. Reinstall – Step1
    5. Reinstall – Step2

    1.1.2 Uninstall of USB Driver for DEVICE
    Uninstall – Step1:
    A USB driver for the DEVICE that was installed wrong or with failure before must be uninstalled. To allow this the DEVICE must be connected to the USB port of the PC to see it in Windows Device Manager (you can compare the location on device properties to check each USB Device is of the cable connected to M580) .
    In Windows Device Manager right click on the DEVICE and execute Uninstall in context menu.
    The DEVICE will be uninstalled now.
    Uninstall – Step2:
    To show the USB driver for the Device from Windows Driver Store start a command Window as Administrator and execute the following command: pnputil.exe –e
    The enumeration lists the OEM drivers that are registered in Windows Driver Store.
    As can be seen the OEM Driver Package of Class Network adapters from Schneider Electric has the Published Name oem7.inf in this case. (Please note that the Package Name varies depending on the drivers registered inside the Windows Driver Store.)
    Uninstall – Step3
    This Published Name oem7.inf must be used to remove the DEVICE from Windows Driver Store with the command: pnputil.exe –f –d oem7.inf

    1.1.3 Reinstallation of USB driver for DEVICE
    Reinstall – Step1:
    After the USB driver for the DEVICE is uninstalled and also removed from Windows Driver Store it must be registered again in Windows Driver Store with the command:
    pnputil.exe –a c:\windows\inf\se_psx_cntrl.inf
    Reinstall – Step2
    Reconnect the USB cable. Windows will detect a new USB device and will install the USB driver for the DEVICE now.

    1.2 IP address assignment
    At the end of the installation a command window opens and the IP address is assigned as network address for the PC site of the RNDIS network.
    On Windows XP and Windows 7 this command window opens immediately after the USB driver for the DEVICE is installed.
    On Windows 8 a user Log OFF/ON (or reboot of the PC) must be performed to start the IP address assignment.
    The IP address assignment may take a while, especially on Windows XP. The command window closes automatically when the IP address assignment is finished.
    After the IP address is assigned, the Network Connections screen on Windows XP shows an entry with the DEVICE connection:
    For Windows 7 / Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 the similar entry is available in Network and Sharing Center:

    Now the USB connection for the DEVICE is ready to use.”

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