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    How to find the modules in the SoSafe software for XPSMCMC0000S1 and S2?

    For the expansion modules there is no configuration required or possible
              This means that there is no impact
    on the configuration when you split the safety module to different island.

    When adding an input module or several, the process image will not be extended only into end, but
    the process image will be automatically rearranged according to type of modules following the order in next list:

    1. XPSMCMCP0802*
    2. XPSMCMMX0802*
    3. XPSMCMDI1600*
    4. XPSMCMDI0800*
    5. XPSMCMDI1200MT*
    6. XPSMCMEN0200SC* or XPSMCMEN0200HT* or XPSMCMEN0200TT*
    7. XPSMCMEN0100SC* or XPSMCMEN0100HT* or XPSMCMEN0100TT*
    8. XPSMCMEN0200*

    This means, if adding a XPSMCMMX0802 module to rack and configuration behind an existing DI module,
    the addressing of inputs of MX module will appear in front of addressing of inputs of DI module.
    Change of order in Configuration

    In addition also order of outputs will be automatically rearranged according to type of modules following the order in next list:
    1. XPSMCMCP0802*
    2. XPSMCMMX08O2*
    3. XPSMCMDO0004*
    4. XPSMCMRO0004*
    5. XPSMCMRO0004DA*

    Also, What does it mean by "The XPSMCMCO0000S1• module has only one channel and must be connected as the first (remote) or last (local) module."???  page 142 of the user manual.

      The XPSMCMCO0000S1• module has only one channel (connector for an RS485 cable) and can only used as the first (remote) or last (local) module in the chain.
      But you can use the XPSMCMCO0000S2• instead of an XPSMCMCO0000S1•

      if you have an expansion bus with 3 or more island, each island in the middle need an RS485 connecting (channel) to the previous and a second RS485 connection (channel) to the following island in the chain.
      Only the first and the last island in the chain need only one connection (channel) to another island.

    The XPSMCMCO0000S• are communication expansion modules which allow the connection of XPSMCMCP0802• Modular Safety Controller with expansion modules placed remotely (≤50 m/≤164 ft). Up to six islands can be created using the communication modules with a total length of 250 meters (820.2 ft) and a maximum of 50 meters (164 ft) between two communication modules.
    The system response time does not change with the use of the communication modules.
    Using RS-485 shielded cable (see page 175), two XPSMCMCO0000S• modules placed at the desired distance can be linked together thus joining the expansion modules to the controller.
    Each XPSMCMCO0000S2• module has two independent connection channels; the connection of two XPSMCMCO0000S2• modules can be accomplished by wiring either channel.

    With the setup above, can the EIP module on the local rack have all of the status of the remote IO modules?
       Yes, the communication module get all the data from the CPU module and must therefore be mounted on the local island (together with the CPU module).
       How to find the correct addresses are described in the attached document: ( XPSMCM communication modules description_20150929.pdf)



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