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    How to configure a FDR function in BMXNOC0401 to communicate with a TesysT?

    Applicable to Product Range(s): Web Designer

    Goals and Symptoms
    How to configure a FDR function in BMXNOC0401 to communicate with a TesysT?

    Facts and Change
    BMXNOC0401 firmware version 2.09, BMXP342020 firmware version 2.8, TesysT LTMR27EFM firmware version 2.7

    Causes and Fixes
    The BMX NOC0401 module can be a DHCP and FDR (Faulty Device Replacement) server.

    HTTP, FTP and TFTP are disabled by default in DTM instances created using BMX NOC0401 module firmware version 2.04 or later and Unity Pro 8.1 or later, so the first step is enable these in DTM Browser (Tools -> DTM Browser -> Open -> Security).
    The second step is add the TesysT to DTM  Browser and configure the DHCP and FDR Server (see pictures below).

    Finally, you need to configure the FDR client to receive the data from the server,  in this case the client is a TesysT.

    How FDR works:
    Once the new replacement device is assigned its Role_Name and installed in the network, it issues a DHCP request to obtain its IP address. If its Role_Name is configured in the DHCP server, it will receive an answer with the same IP address as the failed device along with the sub-net mask, the gateway address and the parameter file location. The parameter file location specifies where the device parameter file is stored, the IP address of the FTP server, the directory path in this server and the FTP password.
    When the new device - the FDR client - receives this information bundle from the FDR server, it issues a command to obtain the configuration parameters from the FDR server. Once proper configuration is verified, the FDR server sends the file requested by the replacement device which then takes the file and configures itself to start running on the network.


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