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    Is it possible to read the serial number of a motor connected to a Lexium 32 drive via fieldbus ?

    Yes, the serial number of the motor that is connected to the Lexium 32 drive can be read via the fieldbus master.

    The serial number is separated into five sections which can be read via the addressing seen below.

    Motor Serial Number adressing 
    Internal          Modbus           CAN           EIP
    13.27               3382           300D:1Bh       113.1.27
    13.28               3384           300D:1Ch       113.1.28
    13.29               3386           300D:1Dh       113.1.29
    13.30               3388           300D:1Eh       113.1.30
    13.31               3390           300D:1Fh       113.1.31

    The values will be returned in ASCII.
    You will need to convert the number to HEX, then you can read the ASCII signs 

    Example: Modbus address 3382 is read and returns...  "909522232"

    909522232 converted from ASCII to HEX = 36363538

    "36" of ASCII = 6
    "36" of ASCII = 6
    "35" of ASCII = 5
    "38" of ASCII = 8 

    Therefore the first 4 digits of the serial number are 6658.
    The second portion of the serial number is read via modbus address 3384
    The read value is "859189296
    859189296 converted from ASCII to HEX is 33363030

    "33" of ASCII = 3
    "36" of ASCII = 6
    "30" of ASCII = 0
    "30" of ASCII = 0
    Therefore the next four digits of the serial number are 3600 

    Modbus address 3386 is read and returns...  "824188960"

    824188960 conveted from ASCII to HEX is 31202020

    "31" of ASCII = 1
    "20" of ASCII = space
    "20" of ASCII = space
    "20" of ASCII = space

    The final digits of the serial number are therefore "1   "

    Assembled the complete motor serial number is 665836001

    Rev 7-23-18

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