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    How can I create a variable link for Vijeo Designer and update the linked variables?

    To increase efficiency of creating external variables from Vijeo Designer, it is possible to link the device variables to the target from the link variables function.  From your equipment configuration software, export the list of names and device addresses.
    Vijeo Designer supports the following configuration tools and file types.
    Configuration Tool File Type
    Concept .ccn
    EPAS-4 .sym_xml
    SoMachine Motion .xml
    SoMachine Basic .smbp
    ModSoft Workbench .txt
    PL7 .scy
    ProWORX Plus .fis
    RSLogix5000 .l5k
    Siemens .asc
    TwidoSoft .twd
    TwidoSuite .xtwd
    UnityPro .stu
    Rockwell .l5k
    If you make changes to the symbols in the equipment configuration software, you can update the corresponding variables used in Vijeo Designer by updating the link.
    1. Export the configuration file from the equipment configuration software.
    2. When you first linked the configuration file, you copied the file to the Vijeo Designer editor PC, or to a network folder visible from the PC. Copy the exported file over top the previous file.
    3. Right-click the Variables node and click Update Link. Update Link is available if at least one PLC symbol file is linked.
    4. Select the link for the new configuration file then click Update.
    5. A confirmation box displays to indicate the variable data types and device addresses of variables will be updated to match the configuration file. Click Yes to complete the update.
    All the variables linked from the configuration file are updated. If there was a change in device address in the configuration tool, then the same change is made to the linked variable in Vijeo Designer. If you made a change in the device address in Vijeo Designer, then it too will be updated to match the configuration file.
    If for some reason you changed the data type of the linked variable, which is not recommended, then the variable data type will also be updated with the data type to match the PLC symbol file.
    All the other variable properties will remain unaffected.
    If you are trying to create a new link when there is already a link existing for the device, you will have to remove the current link before creating a new one.

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