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    How to Upload Data Logs from CM2000 via PMCU

    ION Setup cannot read the data logs of the CM2000 when communicating via gateway devices. However, FA312503 describes communicating with a CM2000 via an Ethernet Gateway (EGX100/300) to retrieve on-board logs.

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    PMCU is the only free software that can pull ALL the data logs configured on the meter. 

    FA293363 describes how to install PMCU on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
    The proceeding steps are done with the assumption that a successful serial communication has been made to the user's PC, i.e. identified the COM port the meter is communicating through.

    If running the Meter Configuration Utility (PMCU) on Windows 7 be sure to run it in compatibility mode. The following steps outlines how to run the program in compatibility mode;
    1) Locate PMCU.exe [Default (C:) > POWERLOGIC > PMCU > Bin] 
    2) Right-click on PMCU.exe at it's file location, and select Properties
    3) Select the Compatibility tab; under Compatibility mode check the box labelled 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
    4) This step is not required Privilege Level has a box that you may check to 'Run this program as an administrator'
    5) Click OK and run the program

    The following must be done in order to add a CM2000 to PMCU;
    1) Locate the OptionalInstalls folder [Default (C:) > POWERLOGIC > PMCU]
    2) Open the OptionalInstalls folder and double-click on InstallCM2000.bat to install the driver 

    The following steps outline creating a System and adding the CM2000;
    1) Click System on the toolbar and select New System
    2) Verify that the System is Offline by clicking System and checking the status (Online/Offline), or by looking at the bottom of the window
    3) Click Setup and select Communications Connection...
    4) Click Add... and after naming the communication connection select the Communication Driver as Serial Driver 

    5) Click Continue... and configure the appropriate communications settings that match what the meter is set to, as well as the serial communication wiring

    6) Click OK and close out of the Setup Communications Connection window
    7) Click Setup and select Setup Devices/Routing
    8) Click Add... and after naming the device select the Device Type as Circuit Monitor 2000, and select Connection Name as Monitoring App, click OK

    9) Select the Connection Name as Monitoring App, select the appropriate Device ID indicated by the [Address] found on the meter's front panel setup menu, and select the Protocol as PowerLogic, click OK
    10) Click System and select Offline to bring the system Online, and verify the system is Online by looking at the bottom portion of the window
    11) Click Diagnostics and select System Communications Test, click Start Testing to verify the Device's Status indicates PASS

    12) Click on Display and select On-Board Data File... to see All Devices list, and click on the device name for the CM2000 added
    13) On-Board Files will now populate with all the corresponding data log files. Click on the desired log and click Upload


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