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    ES_AdvOneLine - Primary Logic Engine Status Alarm in SCADA

    The following alarm stayed active even though the primary server in a redundant system was functional:

    ES_AdvOneLine - Primary Logic Engine Status

    Product Line
    PowerLogic SCADA 7.2

    Advanced Alarms, Active Alarms, Runtime Manager

    In a redundant system an alarm tag 'ES_AdvOL_LogEng_Fail_Primary' is created to determine the state of the primary server:


    At some point in time the primary became unresponsive and the alarm came in.  The alarm stayed in active state even though the primary server became responsive (new alarms came in and operators were able to acknowledge them).

    Note: The 'Shutdown All' button was disabled in Runtime Manager.  This might have been caused because the state of the primary server was unknown.

    Note: As can be seen in the tag property, this function ES_AdvOL_LogEng_Fail_Primary() is called:
    Returns whether the AdvOneLine executable is running on the Primary (Used for alarming) 
    INT FUNCTION ES_AdvOL_LogEng_Fail_Primary() 
    IF (zOL\HealthStatusPrimary = 3) THEN 
    RETURN 1; 
    RETURN 0; 

    Note: A similar tag 'ES_AdvOL_LogEng_Fail_Standby' exist to determine the state of the standby server.

    To resolve the problem, the redundant system must beshut down and placed in operation again. To do so, complete the following steps:

    1. Shutdown project on standby server, reboot.
    2. Shutdown project on primary server, reboot.
    3. Start the project on primary; restart any process that fails to start (wait a few minutes to make sure devices are communicating).
    4. Start the project on standby; restart any process that fails to start

    Note: In Runtime Manager if the 'Shutdown All' button is disabled, all processes can be stopped manually (right click on each process and select 'stop').

    If the system is rebooted and the alarm is shown in green, acknowledge the alarm to make it disappear from the Active Alarms page.

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