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    Setting up digital Pulses on the PM800 meter on an Alarm event.

    A customer may want to send out digital pulses on an alarm event from a PM800 meter.

    Product Line
    PM800, PM810, PM820, PM850, PM870

    ION Setup

    For steps on how to set up alarms, refer to FA307786

    To Set up an alarm to trigger digital pulses, follow the steps below:
    On the front display:
    1. Press the arrow button: to scroll through the menu until you see MAINT, press MAINT.
    2. Press SETUP.
    3. Enter your password, then press OK. The SETUP MODE screen will be displayed. NOTE: The default password is 0000.
    4. Press the right arrow button: to scroll through the setup features until I/O is visible.
    5. Press I/O.
    6. Use the the left or right arrow buttons to scroll through the options.
    7. Press D OUT for digital output
    8. Use the  the left or right arrow buttons to scroll to the output you want to edit (for example KY).
    9. Press EDIT.
    10. Select the I/O mode based on the I/O type and the user selected mode (using the + button).  (Refer to page 40 of the user guide for more information on I/O operating modes)
    11. For this example, the I/O mode is set to NORM)
    12. Press OK.
    13. Below NORM, you will see either ALARM or EXT (external), use the + button and ensure this is on ALARM, then press OK.
    14. Use the the left or right arrow buttons to select the alarm type.
    15. To activate the alarm, press + until asterisks appear.
    For example, the Current Loss alarm (alarm 06) is active if you see ** AL - 06**
    And the Voltage Loss alarm (alarm 21) is active if you see ** AL – 21**
        16. Press the back ( the leftmost) button to go back to the I/O SETUP menu, and press the right arrow button until you see ADVAN. Select this option and it will take you to the PULSE OUT SETUP menu.
        17. Use the + button to change the option to TRANS or PULSE and click on OK.
        18.  If PULSE is selected, after clicking on OK, use the button to set the duration of your pulse in ms to your desired duration.
        19. Press the back (the leftmost) button until you are prompted to save changes.
        20. Select YES to save the changes.
    In ION Setup:
    1. Select the "Displays only setup information" tab and double click on the  I/O Configuration folder and select I/O Setup.
    2. Select your I/O type and click on Edit. (This example uses Digital Out KY).
    3. Select the mode fromt the Mode dropdown menu. (Refer to page 40 of the user guide for more information on I/O operating modes) (for this example, the I/O mode is set to NORM)
    4. Set the Control to PM Alarm (so that the output is controlled by an alarm) and click on OK  to save.
    5. In the setup window, select Digital Output Settings aand select the desired KYZ Mode (Transitions or Pulses)
    6. If Pulses is selected, ensure you set the Pulse width to the desired value in ms.
    7. Cancel out of the I/O Setup window and navigate to the main Setup menu, and select Onboard Alarms/Events.
    8. Edit the alarm type you want to pulse on and select the specific alarm.
    9. On the right hand of the window for your alarm, click on Outputs, and select the output of your choice (for this example Digital Out KY is selected) and click on OK


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