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    How to edit the message related to ANSI events shown on Vista and Web applications for Sepam in Power Monitoring Expert PME8.1

    Customer Request
    Why the alarms under the PME tab Alarms only shows the ANSI number for Sepam alarms.
    The steps below explain how to edit those events to add more detail in the description.
    Example, Instead of "ANSI 50_51 Unit 2 Pickup Status" display "ANSI 50_51 Unit 1 - Phase overcurrent"

    Prior to start
    The following steps require manual changes on every “.ion” for each SEPAM series files (Located at System\translators folder) and [dbo].[EventString] table (ION_Data DB) so:
    • Make backup of your databases
    • Make backup of your original  .ion files (Located at System\translators folder) for each Sepam
    • I might suggest stopping all ION and Application Modules services, doing the changes according the scenarios described below.
    • If you work with second scenario (explain below) make sure that message match in ION file and database.

    The description for the Sepam events are in “.ion” file.  You will need to identify each event you would like to edit. As example, refer to picture below: (Clue: they include the word “Status”)

    So, in *.ion file the first event from the picture will look like :

    When a new PME System is installed, the [dbo].[EventString] table is empty.  Once a specific event is logged in database for first time, it will create a record associated with the “event type” according the description specified in ion file.  If an event with same description is generated later,  [dbo].[EventString] won’t be modified and will use the information that is already there.
    To identify in your system which ANSI events has occurred at least once in your system, you can run this query:
    USE [ION_Data]
      FROM [dbo].[EventString]
      WHERE String like '%ANSI%'
    All events that you get listed after running the query, means you will need to do changes also on [dbo].[EventString] table.  

    Scenarios (Full description included in the PDF attached)
    Scenario 1. If specific event is not yet in database, is sufficient to edit only the .ion file for each sepam (System\translator). Events will reflect changes in Webapp and Vista.
    (Prior any change, I would recommend to contact Technical support to ask if there is a new version of driver that included the changes)

    Scenario 2. If a event message has been already recorded in [dbo].[EventString], it must be edited also there. This will be reflected in old and new events.

    Scenario 3. If a event message has been already recorded in [dbo].[EventString] and the string is not edited (only the ion file is edited), a new record will appear in the EventString table. Changes will be reflected only in new events. Old events will show original message

    Final recommendations

    Changes might be time consuming and those required high concentration. Make the changes in chunks; always make sure that services are not running while doing any change.  If observe any issue, restore to previous known and working stage. 
    L4 has also logged PCR number – 67341, to request this change goes into the product.  Deadline unknown. So, developer recommends going ahead and making the required edits in the .ion file and in the database so that your customer sees what they would like. 

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