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    How do I setup Anti-Jam function on the Altivar 6xx Process Drive?

    How do I setup Anti-Jam function on the Altivar 6xx Process Drive?

    Product Line:
    Altivar 6xx

    All serial numbers for Altivar 6xx 


    To access Anti-Jam function
    [Complete settings] [Pump monitoring] [Anti-jam]

    [Anti-Jam Ext Trig] JEtC - Logic Input Selection
    [Anti-Jam Auto Trig] JAtC - Automatic Trigger mode.
    Allows you to automatically trigger the Anti-Jam on each start command, or be triggered by a time [Anti-Jam Trigger Time] JtCt or torque [Anti-jam Torque] JtCL threshold or setting. 
    [Anti-Jam Start Delay] JtCd - A time delay on the Anti-Jam Torque setting.

    [Anti-Jam Fwd Acc] JACC - Forward Acceleration
    [Anti-Jam Fwd Dec] JdEC - Forward Deceleration
    [Anti-Jam Rv Acc] JACr - Reverse Acceleration
    [Anti-Jam Rv Dec] JdEr - Reverse Deceleration
    [Anti-Jam Fwd Speed] JFdS - Forward Speed
    [Anti-Jam Rv Speed] JrUS - Reverse Speed
    [Anti-Jam Fwd Time] JFdt - Time it will run in forward direction
    [Anti-Jam Rv Time] JrUt - Time it will run in reverse direction
    [Anti-Jam Stop Time] JZSt - Stop time between forward and reverse
    [Anti-Jam Cycle Nb] JnbC - Number of cycles
    [Anti-Jam Max Seq] JAMn - Limit the number of sequences 
    [Anti-Jam Interval] JAMt - Anti-jam minimum time between 2 non-consecutive sequences.
    [Anti-Jam Error Resp] JAMb - Its response to an error/fault. Default is set to Freewheel Stop

    Reference attachment for additional programming assistance

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