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    Can two different Tesys F (LC1F) contactors be interlocked mechanically?

    What mechanical interlock can be used to interlock two tesys F contactors with different ratings and frame sizes?

    Product Family:
    Tesys F contactors, Tesys contactors, LC1F

    Please see attached page for reference of the below components-
    Upper Contactor Lower Contactor[1] Mechanical Interlock Kit Catalog #
    LC1F185/LC1F1854 or LC1F225/LC1F2254 LC1F115/LC1F1154 or LC1F150/LC1F1504 LA9FG4F
    LC1F265/LC1F2654 OR LC1F330/LC1F3304 LC1F115/LC1F1154 or LC1F150/LC1F1504 LA9FH4F
    LC1F265/LC1F2654 OR LC1F330/LC1F3304 LC1F185/LC1F1854 OF LC1F225/LC1F2254 LA9FH4G
    LC1F400/LC1F4004 LC1F115/LC1F1154 or LC1F150/LC1F1504 LA9FJ4F
    LC1F400/LC1F4004 LC1F185/LC1F1854 OF LC1F225/LC1F2254 LA9FJ4G
    LC1F400/LC1F4004 LC1F265/LC1F2654 OR LC1F330/LC1F3304 LA9FJ4H
    LC1F500/LC1F5004 LC1F115/LC1F1154 or LC1F150/LC1F1504 LA9FK4F
    LC1F500/LC1F5004 LC1F185/LC1F1854 OF LC1F225/LC1F2254 LA9FK4G
    LC1F500/LC1F5004 LC1F265/LC1F2654 OR LC1F330/LC1F3304 LA9FK4H
    LC1F500/LC1F5004 LC1F400/LC1F4004 LA9FK4J
    LC1F630/LC1F6304 OR LC1F800 LC1F115/LC1F1154 or LC1F150/LC1F1504 LA9FL4F
    LC1F630/LC1F6304 OR LC1F800 LC1F185/LC1F1854 OF LC1F225/LC1F2254 LA9FL4G
    LC1F630/LC1F6304 OR LC1F800 LC1F265/LC1F2654 OR LC1F330/LC1F3304 LA9FL4H
    LC1F630/LC1F6304 OR LC1F800 LC1F400/LC1F4004 LA9FL4J
    LC1F630/LC1F6304 OR LC1F800 LC1F500/LC1F5004 LA9FL4K
    [1] Vertically mounting only, Lower contactor must have equal or lesser current rating

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