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    How do I Create multiple containers for a multi-monitor setup?

    ClearSCADA versions prior to version 2014 R1 allowed multiple ViewX instances to be created on the same client PC for use with multiple monitor set-ups.  These multiple instances of ViewX were known as "heads".  Starting with ClearSCADA 2014 R1 the configuration of multiple ViewX instances has been modified and the term changed from "heads" to "containers".  This article describes how to configure multiple ViewX "containers" on a single client system with multiple monitors.

    1) Create a StartupConfiguration.xml file.  (By default this is found in C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA)
    The file should look something like this.  (Note - ensure the double-quotes are all the straight type and not the curly type - see screen shot below.  Also, Main needs to match the name used in the Configure Connections dialog.  i.e. if it is spelled MAIN in the Configure Connections dialog then it needs to be spelled MAIN in the file.  The name in the screen shot below (Main) assumes that the name in the Configure Connections dialog is set to Main.







    1 My Mimic
    1 My Mimic
    1 My Mimic


    Screen shot showing difference between double-quote types

    2) Once you have this file you'll need to create a shortcut on your desktop to the ViewX app.  Open Windows Explorer and navigate to:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA.

    Locate SE.Scada.ViewX and drag it to the desktop to create a shortcut.

    3) Now go into the properties of the shortcut and modify the 'Target' name to read as follows:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA\SE.Scada.ViewX.exe" /Startup:c:\zebra\StartupConfiguration.xml
    In this case I created a folder on the C:\ drive called 'zebra' where I placed the StartupConfiguration.xml file.  I found that if the string length of the 'Target' field was too long then the shortcut would not work.

    If you double-click on the shortcut two ViewX containers should open; one on the primary monitor and one on the secondary monitor.

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