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    Common issues found in ClearSCADA Mobile

    This article goes over some common issues that one might encounter when configuring ClearSCADA Mobile and provides some basic steps to troubleshoot these issues. In addition, please familiarize yourself with ClearSCADA Mobile system requirements to make sure your ClearSCADA Mobile runs in the  supported environment.

    Connection to ClearSCADA Mobile Server times out or an internal error reported:

    This may be caused by the following issues:

    1. The mobile device is not on the same network and routing is not implemented or configured correctly. One could check the Internet Information Server (IIS) log files which are usually located in "C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles". The IIS logs should record connection attempts similar to below with timestamps in UTC if the mobile device is able to reach Mobile Server. Due to the way the IIS logs operate, new entries might be delayed for up to a few minutes.

    2015-10-29 15:09:40 GET /mobile/service.svc/v1/..................
    To resolve this issue, make sure that mobile devices are connected to the same network as the ClearSCADA Mobile Server if no routing is implemented. If there is routing in place, check the configuration of the router(s).

    2. Incorrect connection information is provided. Make sure the connection information the mobile device is configured to follow the general format below. Depending on the situation, one either needs to specify the IP address/Name and the port of the server running ClearSCADA Mobile or the IP address/Name and the port of the router.

    • :port 
    3. Communication ports get blocked by the firewall. Make sure that the ClearSCADA Mobile Server port and the listening port between ClearSCADA Mobile Server and ClearSCADA Mobile Companion are both configured to allow communication. To find out what ports ClearSCADA Mobile uses check the following:

    • Launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on the machine hosting ClearSCADA Mobile Server, select ClearSCADA site (ClearSCADAMobile if using ClearSCADA 2013 and 2014) and click on Bindings. The HTTPS port displayed in Bindings is being used for communication between mobile devices and Mobile Server. The default port is 443 in all versions of ClearSCADA except for ClearSCADA 2015 R1. It is port 453 in ClearSCADA 2015 R1.
    • Right click on the ClearSCADA Server Icon found on the machine hosting ClearSCADA Server itself, navigate to Configuration -> System Configuration -> Mobile and locate Port. This port is being used for communication between ClearSCADA Mobile Server and ClearSCADA Mobile Companion. The default port is 8008.
    4. The ClearSCADA Mobile web-site is not running on the server. Launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and make sure the ClearSCADA Mobile site is running as per below.

    5. Check whether the "ClearSCADA Web and Mobile Settings Service" and the "ClearSCADA Mobile Server" services are running on the machine hosting ClearSCADA Mobile Server. In addition, make sure that the "ClearSCADA Mobile Companion Server" service is running on the machine hosting ClearSCADA Server. 

    6. HTTP Activation is not installed as a part of WCF Services as per below. 

    ClearSCADA Mobile Connection Port used by another application:

    An issue will arise when ClearSCADA Mobile Server is configured to use the same port that is already in use by another application. The default connection port for ClearSCADA Mobile is 443 in all versions of ClearSCADA except for ClearSCADA 2015 R1. It is port 453 in ClearSCADA 2015 R1. To check what port ClearSCADA Mobile is configured to, launch the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, select ClearSCADA site, click Bindings and see what port is specified for HTTPS connections. If the port configured for the HTTPS connection is being used by another application, change the HTTPS port for ClearSCADA Mobile to a vacant port. Once the change to the port is made, the ClearSCADA site needs to be restarted. There might also be a need to reconfigure the SSL certificate for the HTTPS port.

    Mobile User not created in the ClearSCADA database:

    Make sure that users configured in ClearSCADA Mobile are also configured in the ClearSCADA database - the names are case sensitive and must be matching. Otherwise, users will not be able to access the ClearSCADA database when logging in through ClearSCADA Mobile .

    Mismatch in System Name:

    ClearSCADA Mobile must be pointed to the same system configured in Configure Connections. Make sure that the same System is specified in Configure Connections, in ClearSCADA Mobile Server Configuration and in "Server Configuration -> System Configuration -> Mobile".

    Mobile Companion not installed (applies to ClearSCADA 2013 and 2014):

    In ClearSCADA 2013 adn 2014, ClearSCADA Mobile Companion must be installed separately from ClearSCADA Mobile Server. It must be installed on the machine hosting the ClearSCADA database which might or might not be the same machine hosting ClearSCADA Mobile Server. To install ClearSCADA Mobile Companion, run ClearSCADA Installer and select "Install ClearSCADA" as opposed to "Install ClearSCADA Mobile". Select "Modify" and locate "Mobile Companion" under "Server" group. Continue with the installation process. Once the installation is completed, check to see if the ClearSCADA Mobile Companion service is running.

    Configuration Mismatch in Listening Ports (applies to ClearSCADA 2013 and 2014):

    It is possible that ClearSCADA Mobile Server and ClearSCADA Mobile Companion are configured to different listening ports which results in no communication between the two. The listening port of Mobile Companion can be checked from "ClearSCADA Configuration -> System Configuration -> Mobile -> Port".

    The listening port configured in ClearSCADA Mobile Server can be checked as well. Go to ClearSCADA Mobile installation folder - the default directory is "C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA Mobile", go into "Server" and open up ClearScadaMobileServer.exe (with Notepad for example):

    It is also recommended to go over this article for a list of log files to be collected to investigate issues further. 

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