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    Why does PME 8.x Alarm Configuration fail to display custom measurements after creation?

    The customer has created a custom measurement using the Modbus Device Importer.
    When the customer navigates to the Alarm Configuration, they are unable to locate the desired measurement under the available measurements.

    Product Line
    Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.x

    Web Application

    In order to use custom measurements for an alarm configured using the Alarm Configuration,
    that particular measurement needs to be first added using the Logical Device Type Editor.

    There are three methods to create a new measurement.  
    Method one will also correct alarms created from digital inputs, which do not populate within the Web Applications Alarms section.

    1) The simplest (recommended) way is to create a Data Recorder Module within the VIP and link it to an External Pulse Module.
        This process must be done even for native device types, such as the PM800 series meter I/O.
        Triggering the external pulse through Vista will create a single time stamp and value for the input and map the custom measurement. 
        No further logging is required, but do NOT delete the Data Recorder from the VIP.
        This will populate the measurement under the 'Custom' measurement section.

    2) If the device is a 3rd party Modbus driver, created using the Modbus Device Importer (MDI), name the register one of the standard names.
        Choose one of these: 'Digital Input 1','Digital Input 2', ... , 'Digital Input 8'. 
        The digital input will then show up under 'Generic I/O' in Alarm Configuration as 'Input Status 01', ... , 'Input Status 08'.

    3) If the digital input status register cannot be renamed, then adding a custom measurement is required.
        a. Launch the Logical Device Type Editor from Management Console by navigating to Tools -> Logical Device -> Logical Device Type Editor.
        b. Create a Logical Device using any name. It's recommended to use a name that can be tracked easily, such as Alarm Inputs.
        c. Go to the Measurement tab and click New.
        d. In the pop-up window, fill out the descriptive name using the exact name of the register you added in the MDI.
           This is both case and space sensitive. In the example below, the register name is Tim100.
           The Engineering Name will be the same as the Descriptive Name. Leave Units blank and Quantity as ‘unknown’. 

        f. Hit 'OK' and continue to add any additional custom measurements that you are unable to see in the Alarm Configuration.
        g. Reopen the Alarm Configuration and your custom measurement(s) will show up under the Custom category, as shown below.


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