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    Video: How to wire and install arc fault (AFI), ground fault (GFI), or dual function (DF) breaker in QO or HOM load center

    How are arc fault, ground fault, or dual function breakers in a QO or HOM load center wired?

    Product Line:
    Load Centers


    Procedure clarification


    1. For the circuit fed by this breaker, connect the LOAD Neutral wire (typically white) to the silver-colored LOAD Neutral terminal, located on the bottom of the breaker, closest to the back of the box. NOTE: The Load Neutral wire must be dedicated for this circuit only, and must NOT be shared with other circuits (must not be a shared neutral). If it is shared with other circuits, nuisance tripping will occur.
    2. For the circuit fed by this breaker, connect the LOAD Power wire (the "hot" wire, typically black or red) to the brass-colored LOAD Power terminal, located on the bottom of the breaker, closest to the front of the box. 
    3. If the breaker HAS an attached white coiled wire ("pigtail"), connect the pigtail to the PANEL Neutral bar. Otherwise, skip to step 4.
    4. If the breaker is not plugged onto the panel, plug it on now per the instructions shipped with the breaker. Otherwise, skip to step 5.
    5. For the circuit fed by this breaker, if there is a ground wire (bare or green), connect it to the ground bar in the panel.
    The following video demonstrates a typical GFI Breaker Installation. Please consult the instruction guide included with your circuit breaker for specific installation procedures.


    Instruction bulletins:
    Homeline single pole GFI
    Homeline double pole GFI
    Homeline single pole CAFI
    Homeline double pole CAFI
    Homeline Dual Function (DF)

    QO single pole GFI
    QO double pole GFI
    QO 3-pole GFI
    QO single pole CAFI
    QO double pole CAFI
    QO Dual Function (DF) 

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