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    What do the LED's indicate on the ATV58 Devicenet card?

    What do the LED's indicate on the ATV58 Devicenet card?
    Product Line:
    All models and serial numbers with VW3A58309U option card.
    Visually inspect the combined Module/Network Status (MNS) LED indicator at power-up to ensure that the following sequence occurs:
    1. The LED glows red for 1 second upon application of power.
    2. The LED glows green for approximately 0.25 seconds.
    3. The LED glows red for approximately 0.25 seconds.
    4. The LED glows green.

    LED status indication.

    Device is not on-line
    • The device has not completed the Dup_MAC_ID test yet.
    • The device is not powered.

    Device is operational, online, and connected
    The device is operating in a normal condition. It is allocated to a master.

    Flashing Green
    1. Device is operational and on-line, but not connected
    2. Device is on-line but needs commissioning  
    The device is on-line and operating in a normal condition, but network connections are not established.
        • The device has passed the Dup_MAC_ID test and is on-line, but has not established connections to other nodes.
        • The device is not allocated to a master.
        • Configuration is missing, incomplete, or incorrect. 

    Flashing Red
    Minor fault and/or connection time-out
    • The device has experienced a recoverable fault.
    • One or more I/O connections timed out.

    Critical fault or critical link failure
    The card has an unrecoverable fault and may need replacing.
    The device has detected an error that has rendered it incapable of
    communicating on the network (duplicate MAC ID or bus turned off).

    Flashing Red and Green
    Communication fault
    The device has detected a Network Access error and is in the
    Communication Faulted state. The device has subsequently received
    and accepted an Identify Communication Faulted Request—Long
    Protocol message.

    Flash rate:
    1.  The flash rate of the LED is approximately 1 flash per second. The LED is on for about 500 ms and off for about 500 ms.
    2.  The LED glows red for 250 ms, then glows green for 250 ms. 

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