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    Why isn't historic data showing up in reports or gadgets?

    Data is not getting logged even though real time values show up in tables or diagrams. 

    Product Line
    PME 7.x.x

    Reports, Dashboards, 

    Vista diagrams were linked to a device before it was enabled in Management Console. Vista uses an offline device configuration that builds a tree file which in turn causes default measurements to be mapped as custom quantities. 

    In order to resolve the incorrect configuration data stored in the database one can remove the data, and the system will automatically recreate the correct configuration data. 
    The following SQL commands consists of select statements which can be used to verify configuration data before making modifications to the database. Additionally, there are statements that will remove configuration data from the following tables:, ION_Data.dbo.RecorderState, ION_Data.dbo.Recorder,and ION_Network.dbo.IAS_MeasurementAddress. 

    *Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.*  
    1. Stop ION Network Router Service
    2. Enter the following SQL commands

    (After each SQL statement click on Execute to run the command)

    With ION_Data as the source

    Use ION_Data

    SELECT * from source

    - make a note of the source id of the meter in this database and replace all istances of [SourceID]

    SELECT * from recorder WHERE SourceID=[SourceID]
    - make a note of the recorder id

    SELECT * from RecorderState WHERE RecorderId In (Select ID From Recorder where SourceId = [SourceID])

    SELECT * from Channel WHERE RecorderID In (Select ID From Recorder where SourceId = [SourceID])

    Users can remove the old data recorders using the following SQL statements entered inside the edit box in SQL Editor.

    DELETE from Channel WHERE RecorderID In (select ID from Recorder where SourceId=[SourceID])

    DELETE from RecorderState WHERE RecorderId In (Select ID From Recorder where SourceId = [SourceID]

    DELETE from Recorder WHERE SourceId= [SourceID]

    NOTE: one MUST remove the Channel and RecorderState before removing the Recorder due to how the database tables are structured. Do not delete the source.

    With ION_Network as the source
    USE ION_Network
    SELECT * from SRC_Source
    - make a note of the source id of the meter in this database

    DELETE from IAS_MeasurementAddress WHERE SourceId=[SourceID]
    1. Delete the associated tree file in /Power Monitoring Expert/config/trees
    2. Restart ION Network Router Service

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