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    XW AGS with Combox - State/Reason/Action code listing

     XW AGS with Combox - State/Reason/Action code listing

      AGS Operating State
    Device State can report one of the following values:

    • 0=Hibernate
    • 1=Power Save
    • 2=Safe Mode
    • 3=Operating
    • 4=Diagnostic Mode
    • 5=Remote Power Off
    • 255=Data Not Available

    Generator State
    Auto Generator State can report one of the following values:

    • 0=Quiet Time
    • 1=Auto On
    • 2=Auto Off
    • 3=Manual On
    • 4=Manual Off
    • 5=Gen Shutdown
    • 6=Ext Shutdown
    • 7=AGS Fault
    • 8=Suspend
    • 9=Not Operating

    Generator Actions
    Auto Generator Action can report one of the following values:

    • 0=Preheating
    • 1=Start Delay
    • 2=Cranking
    • 3=Starter Cooling
    • 4=Warming Up
    • 5=Cooling Down
    • 6=Spinning Down
    • 7=Shutdown Bypass
    • 8=Stopping
    • 9=Running
    • 10=Stopped
    • 11=Crank Delay

    Generator On Reason

    • 0=Not On
    • 1=DC Voltage Low
    • 2=Battery SOC Low
    • 3=AC Current High
    • 4=Contact Closed
    • 5=Manual On
    • 6=Exercise
    • 7=Non Quiet Time
    • 8=Ext On via AGS
    • 9=Ext On via Gen
    • 10=Unable To Stop
    • 11=AC Power High
    • 12=DC Current High

    Generator Off Reasons

    • 0=Not Off
    • 1=DC Voltage High
    • 2=Battery SOC High
    • 3=AC Current Low
    • 4=Contact Opened
    • 5=Reached Absorp
    • 6=Reached Float
    • 7=Manual Off
    • 8=Max Run Time
    • 9=Max Auto Cycle
    • 10=Exercise Done
    • 11=Quiet Time
    • 12=Ext Off via AGS
    • 13=Safe Mode
    • 14=Ext Off via Gen
    • 15=Ext Shutdown
    • 16=Auto Off
    • 17=Fault
    • 18=Unable To Start
    • 19=Power Low
    • 20=DC Current Low
    • 21=AC Good

    AGS Fault Status
    Fault Bitmap 0 can report one or more of the following values:

    • bit0=F69:Node Instance Duplicated
    • bit1=F200:Exceeded max number of start tries
    • bit2=F201:Unable to stop gen
    • bit3=F203:Gen Stopped by ext sensor
    • bit4=F500:Serial Number Failure
    • bit5=F501:Memory Failure
    • bit6=F505:Internal Failure

    AGS Warning Bits
    Warning Bitmap 0 can report one or more of the following values:

    • bit0=W200:Generator was stopped manually
    • bit1=W201:Generator was started manually
    • bit2=W202:Unable to start generator
    • bit3=W203:Manual Off
    • bit4=W204:Max Genset Cycle with no user intervention
    • bit5=W205:Generator started by its switch
    • bit6=W206:Mismatched triggers
    • bit7=W207:Mismatched triggers
    • bit8=W208:Automatic start and stop triggers not enabled
    • bit9=W209:Generator external stop
    • bit10=W250:Value failed to change
    • bit11=W500:Network connection lost
    • bit12=W501:Memory problem - cleared memory
    • bit13=W599:Invalid Associations

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