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    Video: Power Monitoring Expert - Modifying database maintenance schedules contained in Windows Task Scheduler

    The database maintenance tasks built into PME require a run time modification.

    Product Line
    Power monitoring Expert 7.2.x
    Power monitoring Expert 8.x

    Scheduled Tasks

    As of Power Monitoring Expert 7.2, all database maintenance tasks use Windows Task Scheduler both for systems using SQL Server Express or SQL Server Standard. How do I change the schedules if I want something other than the default times?

    Before you begin
    A Windows user is required to run the PME scheduled tasks. By default, the IONMaintenance user is utilized to run the tasks.
    When modifying these tasks, the password for the desired Windows user is required to save the changes made.

    If you do not know the current password for IONMaintenance, you may reset the password through the Windows user manager. The below steps will outline this process.

    • Log on to your server as an Administrator
    • Go to the Start menu, right-click on 'Computer' and choose 'Manage'
    • The 'Server Manager' dialogue will open. Expand 'Configuration' > 'Local Users and Groups'
    • Click 'Users'
    • Right-click on the IONMaintenance account and choose 'Set Password'
    • Click 'Proceed' when a confirmation window appears.
    • Enter a new password for the IONMaintenance account.  NOTE:  A password policy might apply to your machine (e.g. your new password might have to consist of numbers, have special characters have a particular length, etc.).
    • Remember this password, since it will be required for a future step in the process
    • Click OK and close the 'Server Manager' dialogue

    Modifying Task Maintenance Schedules
    The schedule can be altered for each maintenance task (including backup).  The schedule defines the time at which the task will trigger during the day or week.
    To edit the schedule of a task:
    • Go to the Start menu, click in the Search box and type Task Scheduler
    • Click the 'Task Scheduler Library' node and observe the database maintenance scheduled tasks (Note: The tasks may be contained in Task Scheduler Library>Schneider Electric>Power Monitoring Expert)
    • Right-click on the task you wish to schedule and choose '"Properties"
    • The 'Job Properties' window now opens.  Click 'Triggers'
    • The task's current schedule is displayed.  Highlight the current schedule and click 'Edit'
    • The 'Edit Trigger' dialogue is displayed.  From here, the task schedule can be edited.  When complete, click OK
    • On the 'Job Properties' screen, click OK.  You will be prompted to enter the IONMaintenance account password that you set earlier

    You have edited the database maintenance task schedule successfully.  Be sure to check that the task runs successfully at the appropriate time.

    Note: As we have customized the IONMaintenance Windows account password, we must apply this change to any other PME database maintenance tasks that exist on your system.  If this step is not performed, due to caching, none of the other scheduled tasks will execute when their schedule triggers.

    The following video demonstrates this procedure:

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