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    What is the function search mode on my XW series inverter?

     Search mode allows the inverter to selectively power only items that draw more than a certain amount of power, which can result in power savings. The Xantrex XW Series has a no-load power draw of about 28 watts. Enabling Search mode reduces this power draw to less than 8 watts. Search mode operates differently in single-unit and multi-unit installations. When a single Xantrex XW Series has Search mode enabled, the inverter sends electrical search pulses through its AC output. These search pulses “look” for connected AC loads. The delay between search pulses is set using the Search Delay setting. After a load larger than the Search Watts setting is detected, the inverter turns on.

    For Multiple units

    To use Search mode in multiple-unit installations with paralleled Xantrex XW Series units, the master unit must have Search mode disabled. Slave units must have Search mode enabled. When Search mode is disabled on the master unit and Search mode is enabled on slave units, only the master Xantrex XW Series operates, and the slave units come on-line only when the load exceeds approximately 60 per cent of the rated output of the master unit. In a three-unit system, the third slave unit turns on if the load on the master does not drop below 60 per cent about 3 to 5 seconds after a slave unit turns on to assist the master. When the load drops below 20 per cent of the master’s rated output, the slave units turn off in reverse order; that is, the last slave unit to turn on is the first to turn off.

    When to set up Search mode

    The Search mode feature is only valuable if the inverter can spend a fair amount of time “sleeping” each day, i.e. no AC loads whatsoever. Therefore, if Search mode is to be utilized it must be adjusted properly. The initial adjustment should be made so that the inverter comes on only when needed. Certain types of loads can cause Search mode not to work as expected.  

    If these kinds of loads are in the system, follow the suggestions given to eliminate the
    problem. If the problem loads cannot be eliminated, there are two work-around solutions:

    1. Disable Search Mode from the main Xantrex XW Series Setup menu, causing the inverter to always remain at full output voltage.

    2. Use a search-friendly “companion load” whose only purpose is to be switched on to “wake up” the inverter to power the load that is unable to bring the inverter out of Search mode. 

    Note : 
    Some appliances will not operate when using search, such as the clock on a microwave or a fridge (has to monitor temp to know when to run compressor).

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