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    Using ProTester DNP Master with ION meters

    A user may be unable to test DNP communications on an ION meter.

    Product Line
    ION 7330/7350
    ION 7500/7600
    ION 7550/7650
    ION 8600

    ProTester DNP Master

    ***Note: ProTester DNP Master is a product of INFO TECH, and is not supported by Schneider Electric. For information on operating/troubleshooting the software, please contact INFO TECH.***

    ProTester DNP Master is a master station simulator for DNP3.0 protocol. A trial version can be downloaded from the INFO TECH website.
    The following procedure demonstrates how to setup ProTester DNP Master to perform a Class 0 Poll on an ION meter.
    Refer to DNP 3.0 and PowerLogic ION Technology technical note (70072-0105-02) to setup ION meter as DNP slave. This document has DNP architecture overview as well.
    Refer to PowerLogic ION8650 DNP 3.0 device profile technical note (70022-0126-00) for description of DNP 3.0 communication protocol employed by each ION meter.
    IONxxxx default DNP configuration:
    - All DNP objects are returned in response to Class 0 Poll.
    - Analog Input Objects (16-bit analog input without flag) are returned in response to Object 30, Variation 4.
    - Binary Counter Objects (16-bit binary counter without flag) are returned in response to Object 20, Variation 6.
    To Configure ProTester DNP Master to Communicate with an ION meter
    1. Select Edit > Add Line
      • Line element represents a physical connection and communication settings of the master station.
    2. Configure the ‘line’ by setting the Connection type to either Serial line or Ethernet
      • If Ethernet connection, specify the device IP address
      • If Serial line connection, specify the Port, Speed, and Parity
    1. Select Edit > Add Station
      • Station element allows to configure communication of the master station with a given slave station.
    2. Configure the ‘Station’ by assigning a station address:
    1. Highlight Sequence and select Edit > Add Frame
      • Sequence element is a container grouping other elements composing a communication procedure.
    2. Configure the frame by selecting the desired Object group, Object variation, Start point (if applicable), and End point (if applicable).
    1. Select Simulation > Start

    Same frame can be modified with other functions and variations. Below are two examples:
    • Object 30, Variation 4
    • Object 20, Variation 6


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