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    Which meters can be ordered in a High Density Metering (HDM) enclosure?

    Customer may want to know which pre-wired enclosure types are available

    Product Line
    PM5000 series meters, ION7550RTU, ION7550, ION7650, MCM, BCPM, BCPMSC, BCPME, BCPMSCE, CM4000T, iEM3500 series, ION6200 series, PM8000 series, EM4800 series

    Digital Metering

    Customer may need to know which meters are available in pre-wired enclosures

    Pre-wired enclosures begin with one of the following terms:
    "MMU-" Multi-Meter Unit;
    "HDM-"  High Density Metering;
    "9761C-"  Light Industrial Enclosure;
    "9761E-"  Industrial Enclosure; and
    "9761M-" Main with Feeders Industrial Enclosure.
    MMU - Multi-Meter Unit:
    iEM3500 series meters are available from 1 to 24 meters in a single enclosure, NEMA 1
                Specific meters are the iEM3455, iEM3465, iEM3555, and iEM3565
    HDM - High Density Metering:
    PM5000 series meters are available from 1 to 8 meters in a single enclosure, NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R
                Specific meters are the PM5110, PM5330, PM5340, and PM5560
    9761C - Light Industrial Enclosure:
    PM5563RD, ION6200, and PM8244, all remote display meters, are available from 1 to 8 meters in a single enclosure, NEMA 1
    9761E - Industrial Enclosure:
    MCM (Multi-Circuit Meter) meters are available with and without remote displays, 1 meter enclosure only, in NEMA 12 or NEMA 4X

    BCPM (Branch Circuit Power Monitor), BCPMSC (Split-core version), BCPME (solid-core version with Ethernet), and BCPMSCE (split-core version with Ethernet) are available in 42-, 84-, or 128-current transformer versions

    6200 (ION6200) meters, 5560 (METSEPM5563RD) meters, 8000 (METSEPM8244) meters, 7550 (ION7550) meters, 7650 (ION7650) meters, and 4000 (CM4000T) meters are available in 1- to 4- meters in an enclosure, NEMA 12 or NEMA 4X

    ION8650A, ION8650 B, and ION8650C meters are available in either Form 9/36S or Form 35S, NEMA 3R enclosure
    9761M - Main with Feeders Industrial Enclosure:
    7550 (ION 7550) meters and 7650 (ION7650) meters are available with 1 ION7xxx series Main meter and from 1- to 8- ION6200 Feeder meters in an enclosure, NEMA 12 or NEMA 4X
    Please contact the inside sales team for the most up-to-date information.

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