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    Is it possible to change the IONUser password?


    As of ION Enterprise 6.0, a Windows user account is used to operate the reporting functionality. The default username and password for this account are IONUser and IONisgreat!, respectively. This article describes the required actions to change the IONUser password.

    Product Line
    ION Enterprise 6.0
    Struxureware Power Monitoring (SPM) 7.0.x
    Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 7.2.x, 8.x


    WARNING: This direct modification of the database is potentially harmful to your system and can result in system being inoperative and/or loss of data if below instructions are followed improperly. Always use extreme caution before executing such actions and make sure to backup the databases before you start.

    The IONUser account is used to authenticate the report server. To properly change the password of the IONUser, the password must be updated in the following three places:

    1. Open either Server Manager or Computer Management and navigate to Local Users and Groups > Users. Locate the IONUser user and apply the new password.
    2. Note: For 6.0 and 7.0 systems only. Open SQL Server Management Studio > Security > Logins. Right-click on IONUser and select Properties. Update the password and press OK.
    3. Use one of the following methods to update the ION_Network database:
    Method 1: Manually changing the CFG_ItemValue table

    In SQL Server Management Studio, navigate to the ION_Network database > CFG_ItemValue table. The password can be changed directly in the table but it is not trivial which row corresponds to IONUser as there is only a reference to ItemID.
    1. From CFG_Item table find the row with 'subscriptionDeliveryPassword' under 'ItemName' column. Make a note of the ItemID value.
      • In IONE 6.0 and SPM 7.0.1, the itemID = 33
      • In PME 7.2.2, the itemID =42
      • In PME8, the itemID = 43
    2. Edit the CFG_ItemValue table to contain the new password at the row specified by the ItemID.

    Method 2: Running SQL script to change the CFG_ItemValue table

    1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
    2. Open a new query editor window
    3. Run the following query against ION_Network. Replace  in the query below by the actual password. Make sure to keep the single quotes.

    UPDATE CFG_ItemValue SET [Value] =''
    WHERE ItemID in(
    FROM CFG_Item
    WHERE ItemName IN ('reportServerPassword','subscriptionDeliveryPassword'))

    1. Verify the password has been changed properly by running this query:

    SELECT i.ItemName, i.Description, iv.Value, iv.DefaultValue 
    CFG_ItemValue iv ON
    i.itemID = iv.itemID
    WHERE i.ItemName IN ('reportServerPassword','subscriptionDeliveryPassword')

    The IONUser credentials are cached. You will also have to restart the following services for the changes to take effect:
    • ION Report Subscription Service
    • World Wide Web Publishing Service
    • Report Server Service (only SPM 7.0.1 and below) 
    The Database Manager retrieves the username and password from the same place as the reporting platform. Restart Database Manager if it was left open during the password update for changes to take effect.

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