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    How are the Micrologic modules addressed in the trip units?

    Micrologic trip units used with Masterpact NT and NW, Powerpact P and R Frame , and Compact NS have multiple address associated with device.
    Product Line

     Trip Unit  Trip Function  Type
     2.0 (IEC Only)  LSO  Standard (No comms)
     3.0  LI
     5.0  LSI
     2.0A (IEC Only)  LSO  Standard
     3.0A  LI
     5.0A  LSI
     6.0A  LSIG
     3.0E (IEC Only)  LI  Energy
     5.0E (IEC Only)  LSI
     5.0P  LSI  Power
     6.0P  LSIG
     5.0H  LSI  Harmonics
     6.0H  LSIG
    Communication applications using Micrologic trip units and circuit breakers with frame sizes 630 A and greater.

    Need the Modbus addresses associated with a Micrologic devices

    There are 3 modules and 1 optional module associated with a Micrologic trip. Each module has its own Modbus address.
    Breaker Communication Module (BCM)
    The circuit breaker communication module is independent and is installed on the circuit breaker, behind the trip unit.  The unit receives and transmits information on the communication network through optical link between the Micrologic A, P, and H trip units.
    The address for the BCM is the base address for the entire device which can be seen on the trip through the communication menu.  (Breaker Communication Module: @ Address xx)
    Metering Module (MM)
    The metering module prepares the electrical values. Every second, the metering module refreshes the “real-time” RMS measurements. Using this data, it then calculates the demand and energy values, and stores the minimum / maximum values recorded since the last reset. (Note Ammeter trip unit have limit data associated with Current)
    The address is the base plus 200. (Metering Module: @ Address xx + 200)

    Protection Module (PM)
    The protection module ensures the critical circuit breaker functions. This control unit is completely independent and does not use the measurements generated by the metering module. The module calculates the protection-function inputs and outputs itself ensuring extremely fast reaction times.
    The address is the base plus 100. (Protection Module: @ Address xx + 100)
    Cradle Communication Module (CCM)
    The cradle communication module is an independent device installed separately from the breaker. Used with drawout breakers that incorporates a cradle that houses the breaker.
    The address is the base plus 50. (Cradle Communication Module: @ Address xx + 50)
    See the below link for more information.
    Modbus™ Communications System for Micrologic™ A, P, and H Trip Units 0613IB1201


    • Using an IFE or IFM module employing the ULP protocol, the address rules above does not apply.

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