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    Video: Data Center Expert | How do I discover new devices?

    Process for adding devices to StruxureWare Data center Expert

    Product Line:
    StruxureWare Data Center Expert

    StruxureWare Data Center Expert any version.

    You can add devices by going to “Device-> Add Devices…” in the Data Center Expert client or by right clicking in the monitoring perspective and choosing "Add Devices". Before doing so, there is some basic information you should have about the device(s) to be discovered.


    The types of devices you can discover are:
    Nebotz Appliance
    Modbus TCP

    Things to know before adding an SNMPv1 device.
    The device’s IP address or IP subnet the device(s) are on.
    The SNMP community strings of the device(s).
    The NMS IP restrictions associated with those community strings

    Things to know before adding an SNMPv3 device.
    The device’s IP address or IP subnet the device(s) are on.
    SNMPv3 Username and Authentication / Encryption type if they are enabled
    Authentication and Encryption passwords
    Make sure the User that you are using is enabled.

    Things to know before adding a Netbotz Appliance device.
    The device’s IP address or IP subnet the device is on.
    Nebotz Administrative Username and password.
    If the device is using HTTP or HTTPS and which ports it is using.

    Things to know before adding an ModbusTCP device.
    The device’s IP address OR the IP of ModbusTCP gateway connected to the device
    The slave address of the device
    If a Modbus gateway is being used making sure the gateway can communicate to the Modbus device prior to discovery may be helpful as well.

    Tips when adding any device
    Make sure to hit the Next key instead of the Finish key until next is not available. There is an option to “run discover now” which is often missed. If you do finish the discovery creation without checking this box you can right click on the discovery under the “Saved Discoveries” tab and chose the run option.

    Make sure the correct Device Definition File (DDF) for the device(s) has been uploaded to DCE (Data Center Expert). APC devices should have pre-loaded DDF files but 3rd party devices may need to be loaded manually. To upload or verify the Modbus DDF, go to “Device > Modbus Device Communication Settings> Device Definition Files”. To upload or verify an SNMP DDF, go to “Device > SNMP Device Communication Settings> Device Definition Files”. If the correct DDF is not present please contact your local tech support. Tech support may be able to provide a DDF or, if a new DDF needs to be created for your specific device, they can get you in touch with a team that creates these files.

    For DCE version 7.2.x and above, you can send devices to a specific group during discovery. Make sure to take note of which group you are adding the device.

    If the device is not showing up after running the Discovery
    Try highlighting the “All devices” group and searching for the devices IP under the “Device View” tab to make sure it did not add under a different folder. You can usually either find the device by IP or hostname.

    Check the logs on the device to see if there are any unauthorized attempts to access the device. If there are unauthorized attempts listed the credentials being used(ex. SNMPv1 community strings or SNMPv3 User information) may be incorrect in your discovery.

    The following video will walk you through device discovery.

    Additional Information:
    BACnet devices are not able to be discovered by Data Center Expert.

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