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    PowerChute Business Edition JRE Config Tool v1.0.0.8 Java Update Issue

    There is a known issue with using the JRE Configuration Tool v1.0.0.8 to change which version of the Java Runtime Environment that PowerChute Business Edition uses.

    Product Line:
    PowerChute Business Edition JRE Configuration Tool version

    All supported Windows OS

    Java Updates

    How to identify if the PowerChute Business Edition Agent or Server is encountering problems following a JRE upgrade.
    •     The status of the services for PowerChute Business Edition Agent and Server stays at either “Starting” or “no status'” (viewed using Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services)
    •     The Windows system event log fills up with APC PBE Server & Agent “terminated unexpectedly” error messages.
    •     PowerChute Business Edition logs increased CPU usage as services fail to restart.
    •     Try opening a command line and typing "java -version"
    •            a. Error occurred during initialization of VM
                 b.  java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

    1 - If the PowerChute Business Edition Agent/Server service has a status of 'Starting' the following step needs to be carried out in order to prevent the service from failing to restart:
            a. Right click on the service, select Properties and set the startup type to Disabled and click OK. At this point the status of the service should be ‘no status’ or blank.
            b. Right-click on the service, select Properties and set the startup type to Automatic and click OK.

    2 - Uninstall the system JRE.

    3 - Download the latest version of the JRE.
         You may get the following message "This software has already been installed on your computer. Would you like to reinstall it?", click OK to reinstall.

    4 - Download the latest version (v1.0.0.11) of the Java JRE Config Tool from; select "Software Upgrades - PowerChute Business Edition" in the dropdown box and click 'Submit'.

    5 - Verify that you are using the latest version by right-clicking on the tool, select ‘Properties and Details’. The Product version should be

    6 - Run JRE Config Tool and switch to the latest version of the Java JRE you just installed.

    7 - Verify that the PowerChute Business Edition Agent/Server Services have started properly:
             a. Open Control Panel Administrative Tools Services.
             b. PowerChute Business Edition Agent / Server services should have a status of ‘Started’.

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