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    InfrastruXure Manager Integration with Netbotz appliances


    InfrastruXure Manager Integration with Netbotz appliances

    Product Line:

    InfraStruxure Manager


    InfraStruxure Manager 4.7
    NetBotz version 2 appliances


    Integration information


    Use the InfraStruXure Management task to enable your NetBotz appliance to be discovered and managed by APC InfraStruXure Manager (ISX Manager) appliances. The settings available within this task enable ISX Manager appliances to automatically discover NetBotz appliances, to remotely manage NetBotz appliances, and to interpret NetBotz appliance alerts as they occur.

    The InfraStruXure Management task consists of three tabs:

    FTP Daemon: Use the settings available in this tab to:
    Enable (or disable) the FTP daemon on your Netbotz appliance. The FTP daemon must be enabled on your NetBotz appliance for ISX Manager appliances to remotely manage your appliance, and to enable ISX Manager appliances to correctly process NetBotz alert events and data.

    Specify the settings required to FTP data to and from the appliance. If the FTP daemon is enabled the FTP User ID and FTP Password will initially be set to apc/apc, which are the default settings used by ISX Manager.

    Allow (or prevent) appliance firmware updates using FTP. ISX Manager uses FTP distribute firmware upgrades. If you do not check the Allow firmware upgrade via FTP check box then ISX Manager will not be able to remotely upgrade the firmware on your NetBotz appliance.

    SNMP Version 1/Version 2c Agent: Use the settings available in this tab to enable the SNMP agent on your appliance and to specify the Read Only and Read/Write Community Strings that will be used to communicate with your appliance. The appliance SNMP agent must be enabled for ISX Manager to discover and remotely manage your NetBotz appliance.

    InfraStruXure Trap Receivers: As your appliance is discovered by ISX Manager appliances, the ISX Manager appliances will automatically be added to the list of InfraStruXure Trap Receivers. If you decide to uninstall or move any of the trap receivers in the future, use this tab to remove the old entries from the list.

    Note: If your appliance is connected to an ISX Manager private LAN the InfraStruXure Management settings will be configured automatically to enable optimal remote monitoring and management by an ISX Manager appliance.

    When you have finished specifying InfraStruXure Management settings, click OK save any changes to the appliance. Click Cancel to close this window without saving any changes.

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