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    What is the replacement coil part number for the LC*D09 through LC*D32 and LC*DT20 through LC*DT40 TeSys contactors?

    Identifying replacement coils for tesys D non-reversing and reversing conactors

    Product Line:
    IEC Contactors and Starters

    Products sold and used in the United States

    Replacement coil is needed

    DC replacement coils are not available.
    AC Coils are 50/60 hertz for voltages as listed below:

    Volts - Part Number
    12 ____ LXD1J7
    21 ____ LXD1Z7
    24 ____ LXD1B7
    32 ____ LXD1C7
    36 ____ LXD1CC7
    42 ____ LXD1D7
    48 ____ LXD1E7
    60 ____ LXD1EE7
    100 ___ LXD1K7 ( never brought to North America )
    110 ___ LXD1F7
    115 ___ LXD1FE7
    120 ___ LXD1G7
    127 ___ LXD1FC7
    200 ___ LXD1L7
    208 ___ LXD1LE7
    220 ___ LXD1M7
    230 ___ LXD1P7
    240 ___ LXD1U7
    277 ___ LXD1W7
    380 ___ LXD1Q7
    400 ___ LXD1V7
    415 ___ LXD1N7
    440 ___ LXD1R7
    480 ___ LXD1T7
    575 ___ LXD1SC7
    600 ___ LXD1X7
    690 ___ LXD1Y7

    Note: A contactor with an AC coil can be changed to a different AC voltage coil, IE you can take an LC1D09 with a 120VAC coil and put a 24VAC coil in it instead. An AC device cannot be switched to a DC coil, and a DC device cannot be switches to an AC coil. 

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