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The best way to see what Clipsal electric products can do for your home is seeing them in action at a Clipsal Powerhouse Display Centre.

Product stock may vary according to location. If you're after a specific product range, please check with your chosen location before visiting.

10 Results
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    The ultimate Iconic experience at Bathurst 1000 competition has ended.

    This promotion has ended. Winners are in the process of being notified and agendas have been provided, flight details (where required) will be sent asap. We look forward to meeting with Winners next week!

    Congratulations to the winners !

    Company Title Last name Preferred Name
    Adelaide Exhaust Mr Rachou Jamil
    Ali-oop Electrical Mr Fiddaman Steve
    Aunger Electrical Mr  Aunger Tom 
    Geoff Sorrell Electrical Mr Sorrell Geoff
    Lidd Electrical Mr Liddemore Steve
    NSG Boffa Mr Amidzic Eddie
    Schneider Electric Mr Channon Anthony
    SLM Electrical Mr McEvoy Scott
    Schneider Electric Mr Moore Dave
    Brett Morgan Electrical Mr  Morgan Brett
    Enlighten Electrical Contracting Pty Ltd Mr Hall Brett
    Hyper Electrical Pty Ltd Mr Keys Justin
    Individual Communications & Electrical Services P/L Mr Paterson Anthony
    Jeppesen Electrical Contractors P/L Mr Jeppeson Peter
    LMG Electrical Mr Brown Nathan
    Schneider Electric Mr Sommerville Jamie
    MRE Electrical Group Mr McCarthy Troy
    MRE Electrical Group Mr Parslow Brian
    Dave Bodman Electrical Services Mr Luhowsky Ty
    Fased Pty Ltd Mr Carbone Frank
    Laser Electrical Hume Mr Nowland Andrew
    Schneider Electric Mr Troy Mick
    Enhanced Power and Lighting Mr Evans Anthony
    A1 Electrical Mr Hyde Ben
    A1 Electrical Mrs  Hyde Irene
    Laser Electrical Winnellie Mr Clements Ryan
    CPT Electrical Mr Sultana Matt
    GM Data Mr Christie Matt
    Luddeni Electrical Pty Ltd Mr Luddeni Joe
    Paul Cowley Mr Cowley Paul
    Positive Pulse Electrix Mr Scantleton Gary
    Schneider Electric Mr Banks Jay
    Schneider Electric Mr Hall Michael
    True Blue Electrics Mr Smith Josh
    Concept Electrics Mr Doak Chris
    Circuit Electrical Services Mr Gatt Shane
    G & G South Eastern Electrical Mr Soutter Wayne
    Fisher Brothers Electrical Mr Fisher Tim
    Concept Electrics Mr Diamond Jack
    Newelec Mr Stanmore Dean
    DDEnterprises Mr Beckett Shane
    Matt Pearson Electrical Mr Pearson Matt
    Collison Electrical Mr Collison Collie
    Schneider Electric Mr Quinn Todd
    ADCO Electrics Mr Depane Luke
    Call Out Electrical Services Mr Kuipers Adam 
    Call Out Electrical Services Mr Williamson Ian
    Collect Electrical Mr Campbell Wally
    Collect Electrical Mr Wykstra Harry
    Elec Services Pty Lty Mr Bech John
    Powersource Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd Mr Anderson Geoff
    Schneider Electric Mr Waldron Dan
    Spark Electrics Mr Macaulay Cam
    Tearles Electrical Mr Tearle Paul
    Daren Mason Electrical Pty Ltd Mr Mason Daren
    Veus P/L Mr Younes Jes
    DN Electrical Contractor P/L Mr Nguyen Dwayne
    Dynamic Technology Solutions Mr Evans Chris

    **updated on 06/10/2017

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