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The best way to see what Clipsal electric products can do for your home is seeing them in action at a Clipsal Powerhouse Display Centre

Product stock may vary according to location. If you're after a specific product range, please check with your chosen location before visiting.

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    The unexpected fun of powerpoint placement

    The unexpected fun of powerpoint placement

    Tuesday, April 28, 2015

    Phil and Amity, from The Block in 2003, are building their own place and taking everyone along for the ride. Amity’s blog, Doing Our Block, documents all the highs and lows of their latest project.

    “… electrical wires and how they worked were the last thing on my mind …”
    When Phil and Amity went on the first series of The Block, in 2003, they didn’t know what to expect – and they definitely didn’t set out to become professional builders. After all, he was a marketing exec and she was a singer/songwriter, trying to make her way in the music world.
    12 years later, they’re back on the tools. But this time they’re building their own place, with Scott Salisbury Homes.
    “But after spending a few hours at Clipsal I have to say how wrong I was …”
    You can read Amity’s blog and follow all of their progress at Doing Our Block.
    To place your own power points, simply try Clipsal Wishlist or you can book a Clipspec consultation at a Powerhouse near you.