3 Design Details

You’ve Probably Forgotten About

Forgotten any of these details with your reno or new build?

Clipsal Switch on design board

Light Switches & Power Points

You no longer have to ruin a carefully styled room with a dated, chunky switch. These necessary electrical requirements are now a seamless design detail – a way to add colour, sophistication and smart technology to your home. Consider:

  • Rustic orboho – try our Iconic Essence range with the birch timber detailing for a natural feel

  • Modern and industrial – our Iconic Styl or Saturn Horizon ranges can give metallic and textured finishes

  • Simple and minimalist – our glass-look Saturn switches will blend in effortlessly

  • Make my home ‘smarter’ – try Saturn Zen with the C-Bus smart home system, or consider Iconic Bluetooth Connectivity options for a scalable smart home option

Clipsal Switch on design board

Mixing Metals

Before investing in your reno or build, consider how all the elements will look – in particular, the mix of metals. Choose whether your style is copper, bronze, brass, nickel, metallic or chrome. Ask yourself, do you want a mix of metals? Or do you want it all to match?
When you know, consider your:

  • Door handles and features
  • Draw handles
  • Fittings
  • Light fixtures
  • Wall hanging fixtures
  • Furniture fittings
  • Even kitchen features (oven, dishwasher, etc)
Clipsal Switch on Bathroom wall

Multiple Metals

Using multiple metals is a great design feature – not everything has to be the same colour and tone – but ensure you’re selecting purposely and not completely random. We recommend picking two strong, contrasting metals that complement, not clash.

Modern Kitchen with glass window back bench


You’ve probably never considered that there are multiple types of glass (who does?) – but there are, in fact, a lot of types of glass. hey have different finishes, requirements and characteristics.

First, decide what you need your glass to do:

  • Improve insulation

  • Block out noise

  • Filter light

Modern bathroom with large glass window

Next, think about:

  • Where will the glass be used
  • Its height above ground
  • Whether it’s doing multiple jobs (eg. is it acting as a balustrade?).

Before jumping in, confirm that your vision for using glass meets requirements, as the Australian Standards and Building Codes (which your builder can help you with) has strict regulations about how glass can be used. For instance, in some places in the home, glass has to have markings on it as a safety precaution. Find out if that applies, and whether that’s a design feature you’re happy to factor in.

Build & customise your Iconic

Choose your style, select your switch and customise to meet your needs.
Select a wall colour to complement your favourite switch style, colour and finish.
Create your own list, sort your list by rooms and share by email.

It’s that easy!

Build your Iconic
Happy couple in their Clipsal product laden kitchen.

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Clipsal Iconic 2 gang power point in kitchen.
Clipsal Iconic Essence Anthracite in stylish kitchen.